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How do I login to the INX Portal?

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You can access the INX portal at  

If you have a PeeringDB login, you can easily authenticate to the INX portal using your existing PeeringDB login information. This is very handy if you want to make access to the INX portal available to multiple members in your team, or, if you want to self-register. Before starting you should have the PeeringDB login information that you use for your peering ASN handy. You’ll also need to authorise PeeringDB to accept the INX portal software (IXP Manager) as an authorised application to perform an OAuth login request.

Step 1: Using a modern web browser, browse to the INX portal at If you do not already have a login to the INX portal, click on the PeeringDB logo.


Step 2: This will take you to the PeeringDB website. Login to PeeringDB using your regular login, for the ASN that you are using to peer. In this example, we are using one of the INX management networks; be sure to use your PeeringDB information.


Step 3: Authorise the INX portal (IXP manager) to perform an OAuth request from PeeringDB. We don’t authenticate against the database constantly; we simply do a once-off secure read for the information listed on the below.


Step 4: You should now get automatically logged into the INX portal, using your PeeringDB authentication information, and see a page similar to the one below. You can and should retrieve, and update, your user information by clicking on the “Users” tab.

Take this opportunity to do some account management, and make sure that your colleagues also have logins (or remove old, unused logins). You may also want to use this opportunity to upload a logo for your organisation.



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