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How can I get access to my port(s) stats?

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Getting access to your INX port stats is easy. You can retrieve these via logging into the INX portal at The INX Portal will require that you have a login to retrieve these stats, and you can either request this from our support team, or, if you have access to your PeeringDB login information, you can simply use your PeeringDB authentication information, to login to the INX portal and create accounts for yourself and your colleagues.  See our article on How to login to the INX Portal for additional assistance.

For those peers that prefer to retrieve these statistics without logging into the portal, we also allow you to retrieve the statistics via an API call to the INX portal.  This will allow you to retrieve you portal statistics in an automated manner for re-use within your environment.  Setting up and managing your API calls is outside the scope of what we hope to present in this article, and we strongly suggest that you make yourself familiar with the documentation for how API calls to the portal software (IXP Manager) works.  You can find additional information on using the API here:

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