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Why aren't you part of project X?

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INX is not a new Internet Exchange. We've been around for more than 25years, and during that time, we have - and will always continue to hold - ourselves, to the highest technical standards possible. Over the years, there have been many projects that have come and gone, and whilst we embrace the good they bring, we think it's more important to march to the beat of our own drum! 

In most case, quite simply, we are already doing more than what many self-styled security projects require, and we were doing this, well before these projects even existed!  We applaud the work of anyone that's working to keep the Internet safer, as we have been doing since our inception, but we don't feel that we need to be part of a particular club to extol the good work that we've done.  At a more critical level, we find several of the popular projects to be too loose and self-congratulatory.  Some of these have the entrance bar set really too low, and although we meet and exceed their requirements, we have not sought their accreditation.  

INX always puts the security of our peering fabric as our #1 priority, and we're happy to discuss and explain what and how we keep our fabric secure in person.  Additionally, we're happy to teach other what we do, and how we've done this (and have done so many times in the past).

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