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Is there a looking glass available?

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Yes, several !

INX-ZA operates that will show you a general view of what prefixes are at each of the INXes. Data from the looking glass is collected from BGP sessions that peers build with our BGP route collector. The INX looking glass provides a single, integrated view to interrogate all of our Internet Exchange Points, from a single location.  We like it, and we think you will too!  


The route collector acts as a passive listener;  aside from not advertising any prefixes to any peer, the INX route collectors do not perform any sort of route filtering, so the INX looking glass is an excellent way for you to debug what you might be sending to the rest of your peers.  Specifically, it's an excellent tool to validate, that what you think you should be sending to peers, is in fact, what you are sending to peers, and this is particularly handy if you have a lot of bilateral BGP sessions.

However, sometimes, it's useful to see not just what you might expect to see as unfiltered routes, but also what you expect to see as a filtered route.  For this purpose, we also provide peers with the ability to interrogate what the INX BGP route servers are sending to each peer.  And, for peers to validate that their prefixes are being sent to the rest of the peering fabric.  Remember that the route servers function differently to the route collectors;  the route servers actually advertise your routes to other route server peers (ie. not a passive service).   This is a feature that's tightly integrated with our BGP route server operations, and available via the INX portal.


Packet Clearing House operates PCH is connected to each of the CINX, DINX, and JINX, although you will have to query each Internet exchange individually, through their toolset. provides similar services for CINX and JINX.  Be aware that unlike INX and PCH, Routeviews actually *want* full BGP tables, and that might skew your perspective of what you see.


In all cases, if you have a problem, feel free to write to our Ops team for assistance!



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